AIM Network (Artists Initiatives' Meetings Network) is a European network of artist-run initiatives. It serves as a platform for exchange of experience, sharing of knowledge, increasing of mobility and cooperation between artist-run initiatives and to raise awareness of the artist-run sector within both professional art world and the broader public. 

The network has currently fifteen member spaces from across Europe and includes artists' initiatives of various natures and from recently initiated to well-established spaces.

For further information on each of AIM Network's partnered spaces please see the Members page.

To find out more of our past activities, you can download the full version of AIM Network's publication 'Artists Initiatives' Meetings' in the 'Publication' section or order a copy by writing to us.

AIM Network has received funding from the Nordic Culture Point during 2011–2021.

Media partners: Artist-Run Alliance, textur, Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.