AIM Riga 2014

Totaldobze, Press House, Riga (Tasu Manor, Grobina)

Monday, 01 September, 2014–Sunday, 07 September, 2014

AIM Riga, September 2014 was held at Totaldobze, Press House, Riga, with seven participants from five partner organisations. The meeting was preceded by a three-day workshop at Tasu Manor, Grobina in Latvia’s countryside, which was directed towards research and networking with artist-run initiatives around the world. Serious TV LiVe recorded a broadcast – ‘Conversations with Artists from European Artist-run Exhibition Platforms: Goals and Challenges’.

Discussions in Riga about the database focussed on the map function, user interface, and design. The local artist-run initiatives ‘427’ and ‘Ziema’ presented their activities and participated in a discussion which started from Riga’s particular situation with an abundance of abandoned buildings and attempts to make these spaces available for cultural activities.