AIM Stockholm 2011

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011–Thursday, 16 February, 2012

AIM Stockholm 2011 was organised at Kulturhuset in Stockholm in conjunction with Supermarket 2011 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, and with fifteen participants from seven partner organisations. During this meeting the network discussed ways in which it could be expanded, and how theoretical ideas and writings on the artist-run scene and self-organisation should be collected and made accessible.

Economic influence in the art world and its impact on the status of non-profit operations, along with the differences of interests and focus were also discussed. Further themes included how artists’ initiatives relate to ‘DIY culture’ and self-organised representation, and the concept of ‘trans-local interrelations’ in relation to ‘international cooperation’. These topics were embraced in short presentations and a series of group meetings with 23 Swedish artist-run initiatives who were participating in Supermarket 2011.

Visits were made to art fairs Market and Supermarket as well as to a number of other art events.