Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2016

Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm

Friday, 22 April, 2016–Sunday, 24 April, 2016

Three panel discussions were organised at Supermarket Talks, which this year was held in Svarta Huset at Telefonplan, Stockholm.

‘Reinventing Independence – Ten Years of the Artist-run Scene’ was a special seminar with Andreas Ribbung, Pontus Raud and invited representatives of the partner organisations, together with exhibitors of Supermarket 2016, all of whom brought their expertise and experience to the discussion. The seminar considered the ways that the artist-run scene has developed during the last ten years. It also asked what kind of conclusions can be drawn and what strategies do we have for the future – one point of agreement was that the self-confidence of artist-run initiatives has increased.

Eight participants from seven partner organisations participated in fifteen smaller meetings in the Meetings programme. In addition to the exhibition and the existing talks and performance programmes, a new way to participate was introduced – Professional Networking Participants aimed at individual artists working with curatorial and organisational activities. The AIM network met with two representatives of Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture to plan a forthcoming workshop.