Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2014

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Friday, 14 February, 2014–Sunday, 16 February, 2014

AIM organised two panel discussions at Supermarket Talks, once again, as in the previous year, held in Studio 3 at Kulturhuset. First of the discussions was ‘Life Beyond the Budget – a panel discussion about alternative financial strategies’, with contributions from Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR, Tbilisi), Amy Fee (House of Dance, Stockholm), and Kaspars Lielgalvis (Totaldobze, Riga), moderated by John W. Fail (Ptarmigan, Tallinn). The panel considered how art and cultural initiatives can go beyond traditional models of financial support – looking at methods of economic survival, and brainstorming to find new ways of collaboration toward the creation of alternative structures that actively respond to changes in state policies, social trends and other cultural patterns.

The second event was ‘Going Public: studios, work and outreach’, a panel discussion with Josh Ginsburg (co-founder and resident artist at Atlantic House in Cape Town), Elisa Pessoa and Gabriela Maciel (resident artist/founder of TAL at Fabrica Bhering in Rio de Janeiro) and Lucian Indrei (co-founder of Lateral Artspace in Cluj-Napoca, Romania), and was moderated by Signe Vad. The panel discussed collective workspaces and studio partnerships that facilitate exhibitions and residencies. The panel brought up the positive impact of working with public activities, rather than non-public, gaining inputs from other artists through residencies and exhibitions, for example.

In addition to the public program, eleven participants from nine partner organisations had fourteen smaller meetings in the Meetings Programme, and a working meeting where work on the programming of the database/CMS was reported and a research workshop planned.