AIM Berlin 2010

The Nordic Embassies, (Felleshuset, Schwedische Botschaft), Berlin

Tuesday, 05 October, 2010–Thursday, 07 October, 2010

AIM Berlin 2010 was held at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin with nineteen participants from ten organisations. Initially the situation of the artist-run activities in the different countries were presented and compared, as well as the relationship to the rest of the art scene and the audience. A series of problems and possible solutions was identified, followed by discussion regarding the possibility of creating common platforms. The AIM Network was formally established, and its long-term goals concerning exchange, collaboration, mobility, visibility and accessibility were formulated on the basis of the preceding discussions.

The previews of Art Forum Berlin, the ABC Art Berlin Contemporary, Preview Berlin, and other art events were visited. The AIM Berlin participants (all of whom were practising visual artists) organised the group show ‘Private View Berlin’ (7 October) at the artist-run gallery Artillerie in Wedding. The show presented works by Alex Baggaley, Raphael Egli, Kim Dotty Hachmann, Julia Hurter, Dafna Maimon, Monika Müller, Sari Palosaari, Pontus Raud, Andreas Ribbung, Matthias Roth, Meggi Sandell, Bertram Schilling, Ben Tomlinson, Signe Vad, Marcos Vidal, and Ricarda Wallhäuser.