AIM Riga 2019

Riga, Latvia

18.09–20.09 2019

On 18–20 September AIM Network's members took part in a planning meeting in Riga, Latvia. The meeting contained discussions on the future activities and programme development of the network in line with the planned application for Creative Europe'

AIM Plovdiv 2019 - Local Connections

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

01.06–10.06 2019

AIM Plovdiv 2019 – Local Connections brought together a range of European artist-run initiatives to connect independent Bulgarian art scene with the surrounding regions and internat

AIM Plovdiv 2018

Old Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

24.05–27.05 2018

Planning meeting in conjunction with Process Space Art Festival


Book launch in Berlin 2017

>top Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany

15.09–16.09 2017

Book launch, planning meeting, visits to art fairs and the Berlin Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives Award 2017


AIM Wrocław 2016

Barbara, Wrocław, Poland

12.05–14.05 2016

AIM Wrocław, Politics of collaboration

(text: Anna Tomaszewska, based on Aleksandra Smolińska’s notes)

Poland has a long tradition of grassroots initiatives, although most of them are characterised by ephemerality. Artists increasingly

Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2016

Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm

22.04–24.04 2016

Three panel discussions were organised at Supermarket Talks, which this year was held in Svarta Huset at Telefonplan, Stockholm.

‘Reinventing Independence – Ten Years of the Artist-run Scene’ was a special seminar with Andreas Ribbung, Pontu

Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2015

Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm

17.04–19.04 2015

AIM organised three panel discussions at Supermarket Talks, which this year was held at Konstfack: University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, next to Svarta Huset – the new location for Supermarket 2015.

In ‘Cultural Exchange Rate’ speak

AIM Riga 2014

Totaldobze, Press House, Riga (Tasu Manor, Grobina)

01.09–07.09 2014

AIM Riga, September 2014 was held at Totaldobze, Press House, Riga, with seven participants from five partner organisations. The meeting was preceded by a three-day workshop at Tasu Manor, Grobina in Latvia’s countryside, which was directed toward

AIM Athens 2014

Taekwondo Stadium, Athens

16.05–17.05 2014

AIM Athens 2014 was at Art-Athina in the Taekwondo Stadium, Athens, with thirteen participants from nine partner organisations. For the second year Art-Athina ran ‘Platforms Project @ Art-Athina’ (a section for artist-run spaces and artists’ group

Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2014

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

14.02–16.02 2014

AIM organised two panel discussions at Supermarket Talks, once again, as in the previous year, held in Studio 3 at Kulturhuset. First of the discussions was ‘Life Beyond the Budget – a panel discussion about alternative financial strategies’, with

AIM Helsinki 2013

Business Meeting Park Kamppi, Helsinki

27.09–30.09 2013

AIM Helsinki 2013 was held at the Business Meeting Park Kamppi, with eleven participants from seven partner organisations. Included were visits and meetings with representatives from Huuto Gallery, Gallery Forum Box and MUU Gallery, where the part

Public event at Supermarket Talks in Stockholm 2013

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

14.02–17.02 2013

Since 2013 AIM has arranged annual public events in the Supermarket Talks seminar programme: a part of Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.

Supermarket Talks were held in Studio 3 at Kulturhuset. The seminar started with Andreas Rib

AIM Mallorca 2012

Can Gelabert, Binissalem, Mallorca

22.03–25.03 2012

AIM Mallorca 2012 was hosted at Can Gelabert in Binissalem, Mallorca with ten participants from five partner organisations, as well as Alvaro Campo from the Nordic Art Association. Based on the idea of creating a web portal and database/CMS for ar

AIM Copenhagen 2011

The Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen

16.09–18.09 2011

AIM Copenhagen 2011 took place at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen with fourteen participants from five partner organisations and two specially invited artist-run initiatives from the Baltic countries: Art Container from Tallinn, Estonia, an

AIM Stockholm 2011

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

15.02–16.02 2012

AIM Stockholm 2011 was organised at Kulturhuset in Stockholm in conjunction with Supermarket 2011 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, and with fifteen participants from seven partner organisations. During this meeting the network discussed ways in w

AIM Berlin 2010

The Nordic Embassies, (Felleshuset, Schwedische Botschaft), Berlin

05.10–07.10 2010

AIM Berlin 2010 was held at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin with nineteen participants from ten organisations. Initially the situation of the artist-run activities in the different countries were presented and compared, as well as the relationship t