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This is a publication about the AIM Network, a diverse network of European artists' initiatives and their exchange of knowledge and experiences over a period of six years. The members got to know each other at Supermarket, an international art fair for artist-run spaces held annually in Stockholm, and continued meeting in different cities in and out of Europe to discuss key issues of self-organised exhibition spaces. They also engaged in an idea of developing an online Artist-Run Map that would gather artist-run initiatives to enhance their visibility and provide space for artistic exchange. There can be found many examples of attempts to create a similar map, but they have all failed, being either incomplete or becoming fast outdated.

AIM have discussed the problematics surrounding this project, identified the main obstacles and developed a number of conceivable solutions, but as of now have not gathered the resources to perfect and launch a functioning Artist-Run Map. Hopefully, the groundwork done by AIM can be used by anyone seeking to realise a similar resource, and contribute to formation of creative encounters where ideas and knowledge are exchanged. 

ISBN 978-91-639-3500-8 

© 2017 AIM Network/Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Editor: Andreas Ribbung in cooperation with Anna Tomaszewska and Alice Maselnikova

Texts by Gavin Murphy, Pau Waelder, Andreas Ribbung and Anna Tomaszewska 

Text editing: Alice Máselníková and Stuart Mayes 

Graphic design: Dennis Hanqvist 

AIM Network (2021) Browse through the publication online

AIM Network (Artists’ Initiatives Meetings Network) is a European network of artist-run initiatives. AIM Network organises meetings, conferences, exhibitions and seminars around Europe to exchange experience, share knowledge and increase mobility and cooperation between artist-run initiatives and enhance their visibility.

ISBN 978-91-527-0517-9

© 2021 AIM Network/CANDYLAND

Editing: Alice Máselníková and Andreas Ribbung.

Graphic design: Andreas Ribbung